Best OP/ED Songs of Winter, 2020

Last Dance  
Kyokou Suiri (“In/Spectre”) 
Performed by Miyano Mamoru

Never really heard Miyano sing before. What a great crooning tenor voice he has. Kotoko’s prosthetic leg doesn’t really seem to interfere with her dancing. Certainly my top OP/ED of 2020 so far. It’s going to take something special to knock “Last Dance” off its perch.

The live-action music video is pretty cool, too, even though I have no idea what the business with the chess match is all about. The director doesn’t know much about chess either it appears, since the male player moves his king into check which is forbidden.

Easy Breezy 
Eizouken ni wa Te wo Dasu na! (“Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken”) 
Performed by chelmico

Not the biggest fan of rap, Japanese or otherwise, but I came to enjoy this song more and more as the season wore on.

The live-action music video is also a lot of fun.

GeGeGe no Kitarou (2018) 
Performed by SCANDAL

The 2018 version of Kitarou used the same 1968 OP that all its predecessors have used, but there were eight new EDs of varying quality. To me, Toei saved the best for last with this song.

ED version no longer available. Here’s the music video.

Or you can watch the ED in context in a complete episode. Here’s a good option:

Kago no Naka no Bokura wa 
Hoshiai no Sora (“Stars Align”) 
Performed by AIKI from bless4

Director Akane Kazuki was badly treated by his production committee who canceled the last half of this otherwise excellent show. I love how only some of the kids here take the dancing seriously. I also liked how the chunky iincho girl was the star performer.

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